Snyder to greet Obama at Detroit Metro

Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder plans to greet President Barack Obama at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Obama is visiting Michigan on Monday afternoon for an event at the Daimler Detroit Diesel plant in Wayne County's Redford Township.

The governor's office says Snyder plans to greet Obama on the tarmac at the airport in Romulus.

Obama's visit comes after Republicans in Michigan pushed right-to-work legislation through the state House and Senate. An Obama spokesman on Thursday repeated the president's opposition to right-to-work laws as the Michigan Legislature adopted the measure.

The governor has pledged to sign the legislation.

The governor's office says Snyder also met Monday with Democratic members of Michigan's Congressional delegation. Democrats say they asked Snyder to veto the legislation or ask the Legislature to delay moving forward on it.

Meanwhile, large numbers of State Police officers were sent to the Capitol this week as they brace for what is sure to be a full day of protests related to the controversial legislation.

While tomorrow will bring in more protests as the House and Senate come back into session, protesters from both sides are expected today as well.

The Detroit Free Press reports that union members took civil disobedience training on Detroit on Saturday to prepare for the protests.