St. Baldrick's celebration shaves hair in Gaylord

A big celebration in Gaylord Friday afternoon and a lot of people lost their hair during it!

29 people, adults and students, agreed to lose their hair for a good cause.

The gym was full of students and community members waiting in anticipation for the St. Baldrick's shave to start.

And this year they had a very special guest kick off the fundraiser to find a cure for cancer a 9-year-old Gaylord patient himself, Gavin Conrady.

"To find a cure for childhood cancer," says Conrady.

"My cousin Lilly had leukemia, and she's only 6, and my Uncle Dave has leukemia, and it's getting worse, and so I just wanted to do this in honor of them," says Kierstan Kuznicki, who had her head shaved.

At last check, the high school raised more than 12-thousand dollars for cancer research.