Stapleton case moves forward after stay lifted

A status hearing for the Kelli Stapleton case has now been scheduled in Benzie County for May 6.

The case against the Benzie County mother accused of trying to kill herself and her 14-year-old daughter is moving forward.

A stay had been put in place in the Kelli Stapleton case that delayed the original trial date, scheduled for April 2.

A status hearing has now been scheduled in Benzie County for May 6.

The stay was in place after the defense filed to have Stapleton go through a criminal responsibility evaluation.

Stapleton passed a competency hearing that declared she was mentally fit for trial, but the criminal responsibility evaluation would determine her mental state at the time of the crime. Those results will not be released until the status hearing.

She is facing a charge of attempted murder.

Stapleton is accused of attempting to kill her teenage daughter, Isabelle, as well as herself. She remains in Benzie County Jail, where she is held on a $1.5 million bond.