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      Stargazers look to the sky for 'unparalleled' meteor shower

      People around the country will be staying up late for the chance to see something no human has ever seen before, the Camelo p ardalis meteor shower.

      Once the sun sets you might start to see signs of an unparal l eled meteor shower.

      That's what drove Luis Medina to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park for the weekend.

      "Just having that many meteors in one spot , all at once seems like just a beautiful thing," Medina said.

      Medina came from downstate to take pictures of the spectacle. Because the park has one of the clearest views in the state.

      "T his is something you can see with the naked eye , you don't know need to know where it's coming from , you just need the dark s ky and a place to lay back and look," Mary Stewart Adams, Dark Sky Park Program Director said.

      I t's called the Camelopardalis or the more common name, the True North Meteor Shower.

      A stronomers say this event was birthed from a comet first spotted back in 2004.

      "W hat's happening when we have a meteor shower is that the Earth is moving to the path of stuff that is left behind when a comet comes through our system," Adams said.

      T he best time to see the shower will likely around 3 a.m. and to view it you must be looking east.

      "T he predictions are getting pretty wild , upwards of 200 meteors an hour," said Adams. "Some are saying even saying between 400 to 1,000 and that's unparalleled. Whether or not that happens will just have to wait and see."

      I f you're lucky you might be able to spot another rare sight.

      "S ome of the predictions are if we are seeing meteors showers, if you have a telescope trained on the moon , some of them might be hitting the moon as well , which would be spectacular to see ,"said Adams.

      I f you'd like to see the True North Meteor Shower the Headlands International Dark Sky Park is holding a viewing event Saturday morning.

      Participants will be gathering near the entrance of the park at 3 a . m.