State of emergency declared on Sugar Island

C hippewa County leaders have declared a state of emergency on Sugar Island.

C hippewa County leaders have declared a state of emergency on Sugar Island.

F loods have destroyed roads and trapped some people in their homes. N ow the county is urging the governor to help.

" The natural drains here were overwhelmed ," Chippewa County Commissioner Don Mclain explained.

W ithin a four hour span , this large stretch of the island's main road was left in ruins.

" Looks like a bomb went through it ," Joe Schutz, Sugar Island resident said. "I t's pretty crazy ."

During Monday night's storms a culvert overflowed , pouring thousands of gallons of water into the drains beneath the street.

" It washed out then came down the ditch here on both sides to a certain extent , but primarily here and washed the fill from underneath the road," Mclain said.

T he same thing happened to a few other roads around the island , however the damage is less severe. B ut the clean up efforts have proven to be difficult for the 700 people who live here

T hat's why the county ha ve declared a state of emergency and have sent paperwork to the Governor's desk asking for state and federal aide.

" What we are hoping to accomplish is quick action so we can not only receive help from the National Guard , but federal dollars to help repair what will probably be in excess of over a million dollars worth of damage ," Jim German, Chippewa County Administrator said.

M ore than a dozen people are still stranded in their homes and others are fixing any damage left on their property. A nd the islanders all say that this week has been one they will never forget.

" I've never seen anything like it, " Colin Williams, Sugar Island resident said. "Y ou know the rain just came down in sheet s and I've never seen a black top road wash out like it did."