New baseball technology comes to northern Michigan

The screen of Hit Trax.

Whether you're looking for training in the winter, a unique birthday party idea or just an activity with friends, there's a new attraction in northern Michigan that's already a home run. It's called Hit Trax and it uses state of the art technology to project where your swings would put the ball on a real field.

Hit Trax uses three cameras to track the ball coming to the plate, and also track it off the bat. With that data, Hit Trax can show you on an virtual major league ball park where you hit the ball, how fast, how far and can even pin point your hot and cold spots.

Greg Blanco, the Baseball facilities manager at Elite Fitness North, bought the machine with his own money and hopes to be able to offer more advanced training to players who otherwise couldn't practice during the offseason.

“This type of technology allows kids that play up here in the winter months who cant train all the time," said Blanco. "It allows them to get feedback as if they were hitting outside.”

Lessons with the hit trax cost about 35 dollars for around a 30 minute session.

Blanco says he is also starting up indoor baseball leagues on the Hit Trax.

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