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      State Police may have a suspect in two arsons

      State Police believe the fire in Alanson may be related to a fire in St. Ignace on Sunday.

      T wo homes , both owned by the same family were set on fire within the last week and investigators believe there is one person behind both crimes.

      T he two fires happened within a 24 - hour span , dest ro ying one home in Alanson and damaging another in St. Ignace.

      P olice were first called out to a home on Valley Road in Alanson late last week. The home and barn were engulfed in flames, both were destroyed, but fortunately no one was home at the time of the fire.

      T hat same weekend , the Alanson owners seasonal home in St. Ignace was also set on fire and eventually burned out on its own.

      P olice say it appears that these two fires were no coincidence.

      " We do have a suspect in this investigation and we are currently working through the information we have to connect this person to both those fires ," Sgt. Mark Harris, Michigan State Police detective said.

      T he owner of these homes was involved in a near deadly crash Saturday in Chippewa County off of M-28.

      T he Chippewa County Sheriff has confirmed that the owner's car ran off the road into a parked semi-truck and investigators suspect a drug overdose contributed to the crash.

      P olice will not say if this has anything to do with the case.

      I f you have any information related to this case you should contact the Michigan State Police.