State Police searching for shooting suspect in Wexford County

State Police and Wexford County Sheriff have blocked off a portion of West 4 Road near North 25 road in northern Wexford County.

The Michigan State Police have released the name of the man who they believe is responsible for shooting and killing one woman on Friday afternoon in Wexford County near Buckley.

Eric Beauchamp is 34 years old, approximately 275 pounds, and about 6 feet tall. State Police say that he is considered armed, and dangerous. He was last seen wearing a cherry growers t-shirt and blue jeans.

State Police and the Wexford County Sheriff have blocked off a portion of West 4 Road near north 25 Road in northern Wexford County, near Buckley. Beauchamp is still on the loose, but State Police believe that he is within the 5 mile radius that they have blocked off. Around 50 officers and a helicopter are still on scene and searching for Beauchamp.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff's deputies are saying they are searching for a Beauchamp who they believe is responsible for killing a woman at a home on N. 25 1/2 Rd. around 1 p.m. in Wexford County.

Deputies also say that three children were in the home at the time of the shooting. The suspect originally took an 11-year-old girl from the home but returned her safe and sound.

All three children were located, unharmed, and are safe.

State Police and deputies from both Grand Traverse and Wexford County are searching in a five square mile wooded area off of West 4 Rd and County Line Rd in northern Wexford County.

Several SWAT teams along with search dogs are in the wooded area.

Deputies also say that the suspect has been in contact by phone with a female that is working with the police.

Deputies are stopping vehicles in the area and are advising the public to stay clear of the area.

Wexford County Deputies were called to the same residence as to where the shooting took place a few hours earlier for a suicidal subject.

Our reporter spoke with a tow truck driver who said he saw a man walking west on County Line road earlier on Friday afternoon with a shotgun in his hand. State police are reporting that the suspect has a riffle.

Our reporter saw a Michigan Conservation Officer as well as another ambulance with their lights flashing heading down County Line Road.

Witnesses say that the suspect was last seen walking on County Line Rd.

A second press conference is scheduled for 9 p.m.. We have crews one the scene and updates will be provided as they become available.