State Representatives address surplus and education funding

      O ur state is facing issues that have many of you asking some tough questions


      ur state is facing issues that have many of you asking some tough questions.


      we asked you what you wanted to hear from state leaders and delivered your concerns straight to Lansing.

      Nick Carrey from Emmet County wants to know if the legislature plans increasing per pupil funding for students.


      You need to recognize that every dollar that you put into that school there are different entities that want part of that money, some

      of it going to teachers, others going to education," Rep. Greg McMaster said. "We want to stabilize all of that funding by reducing their long-term debts and obligations brings back some of that money into the school, anyway it's got to help benefit the children."




      Kropp wonders what can be done with the surplus money to help keep
      talent local.


      A lot of people
      will be pulling and tugging at this pot of money, I want to work to put it to serve the best interest of the people, so we received the biggest return on investment for that money that's the angle that I like to see what the surplus that we have," McMaster said.


      We're looking to put some money away in the savings account and actually allow the public


      the hard-working public


      to keep some other dollars

      ," Rep. Ray Franz said.


      here will be some tax relief I hope in the end whatever is established as disposable income if you can use a term that we can count over the long-term