Storms will sweep out the heat and humidity later today

Brisk southwest winds will lead to dangerous rip currents on Lake Michigan Tuesday. Thunderstorms will sweep out the heat/humidity later Tuesday.

We have one more warm and muggy day before a cold front sweeps in a few thunderstorms along with cooler/less humid weather.

Temperatures Tuesday morning started out warm with 60's a few places like Frankfort staying in the 70's all night long. Gusty south winds will keep pumping northward the warmth and humid conditions with much of Lower Michigan shooting well into the 80's Tuesday afternoon. It will feel like it with dew point readings well into the 60's to near 70F making it feel sticky.

Winds will be an issue for some Tuesday as they will crank up from the south-southwest with occasional gusts to 30 mph leading to hazardous conditions along the beaches of Lake Michigan where rip currents may develop. If you plan on heading to Lake Michigan Tuesday, be aware of the high waves and also the potential for rip currents and keep a watchful eye on children.

If you donâ??t like the heat/humidity, Mother Nature is providing relief in the form of a cold front that will plow through the area later this evening touching off some thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms will roll into the region later Tuesday with most likely time to see them between 2-6 p.m. in the Eastern U.P. and between 5-9 p.m. across Northern/Central Lower Michigan. We do not expect much if any severe weather threat, but a storm or two could have gusty winds and of course all thunderstorms have lightning.

Following that, winds will turn northerly leading to much cooler and noticeably less humid weather tomorrow. Highs Wednesday will top out around 70F.