Strong, maybe severe, storms coming thru soon

Enjoy the early eveningâ?¦itâ??s going to be warm and peaceful. After midnightâ?¦rain starts to edge into the region from the west. We are expecting several bands of thunderstorms Thursday and Fridayâ?¦and some of these storms could turn severe.

Thursday the better chance for thunderstorms will be in the morning and again in the evening. Thursday afternoonâ?¦weâ??ll get some sunshine. Wind will be gusty as the storms move thru the area. The severe threat with these storms will be hail and high wind. Tornadoes are not predictedâ?¦but we know from what we saw this past Monday that the conditions will be much like thatâ?¦when the thunderstorms did spawn 4 tornadoes in northern Michigan. Thursday will be warm and muggy. Many of the highs will climb into the 80s.

Fridayâ?¦another band of showers and thunderstorms will move thru in the morning. The rain will move out of the region in the afternoon. It will be windy at times as the last of the rain moves eastward. Temperatures will be about 10 cooler than Thursday.

The weekend will be sunny and even coolerâ?¦highs in the 60s. And at nightâ?¦some 40s!