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      Strong storm snaps trees, cuts power to Martiny Township

      The storm system that killed at least six people in the Midwest Sunday is responsible for causing widespread damage across Michigan.

      Strong winds snapped trees and knocked out power in Mecosta County's Martiny Township.

      People are now picking up what the storms left behind, including the Doerr family.

      â??I was standing in the front window looking out and all of a sudden the pine needles started whipping around the front yard, and the rain started circling and everything went whiteâ?? said homeowner Larry Doerr.

      â??My husband yelled â??get downstairs.â?? You couldn't see outside. You could see nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was very loud and we got downstairs. Five minutes later it was done. It was over,â?? said Fern Doerr.

      Trees were down all around them, but the storm didn't do much damage to their house.

      â??I'm amazed. All I can say is someone was looking out for us.â??

      Family members brought in heavy machinery to clear fallen trees which made roads impassable. Everyone walked away without injuries.

      â??We're just glad everyone's okay. We're just glad. Everything can be cleaned up. We're all okay. That's the main thing.â??

      The National Weather Service was in Mecosta County Monday, and released this report.