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      Strong winds destroy barn and leave neighborhood damaged

      S evere storms hit parts of northern Michigan Thursday afternoon.

      I n Emmet County, strong winds caused damage in a few neighborhoods in Resort Township in Petoskey.

      A one hundred year old barn was toppled within seconds. The owner Bill Hargrove was mowing his lawn when strong winds started picking up. Heavy rain forced him to make his way to shelter.

      " As I went by the old barn , it came down as I passed it right behind me just as I pulled in my other barn ," Hargrove explained.

      T he roof was blown into the yard and the old wood walls now lay in piles in his driveway. A barn that usually houses two dozen cows , that were fortunately not in the barn during the storm , is now in ruins.

      T he National Weather Service tells 7&4 News that based on environmental factors it was likely a micro-burst that helped knock down the barn.

      " It's seemed to have come channeled through about a 50-foot wide section here it took the barn down and left my truck here without a scratch on it," Hargrove said.

      T he powerful gust of wind that were estimated around 60 miles - per - hour also knocked down this tall maple tree in a neighbors yard and left some damage done to nearby homes on School Rd.

      See more of the damage here in our Youtube Extra.