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      Students welcome spring by torching snowman

      I t doesn't seem like the snow is going to melt away any time soon.

      S o students at Boyne City High School decided to take matters into their own hands today by ceremonially torching a snowman before they leave for spring break.

      "T oday we say goodbye to Frosty and hello spring, let's torch this thing," Tony Cutler, Boyne City High School teacher proclaimed.

      S tudents watched Frosty go up in flames and hopes Mother Nature picks up on the hint.

      "I t was really cool to see something you know representing winter go away , since actual winter is n't going to go ," Hannah Knitter, Boyne City High School student said. "I t was cool to just have a little bit of it go away ."

      B ut the snowman was more than a burning idol , it was a project that students could bond over.

      A nd it started in Mr. Cutler's business class.

      "E very day all of my students in all of my classes read the Wall Street Journal every single day five days a week and we are accumulating quite a stack," Cutler said.

      T hey took the newspapers down to the 3 -D art class and asked the artists to build a snowman.

      "W e used aluminum wire for the armature and a little bit of lumber , recycled newspaper , temper paint and that was our construction method ," Jim Beckeringh, Boyne City High School teacher said.

      With a little bit of teamwork the students built the snowman that they would burn for the sake of spring.

      E ven though Mother Nature tried to resist with an early morning snow.

      "I didn't think it was kind of ironic that it did snow when we were supposed to burn the snowman," Zahrah Koch, Boyne City High School student said.

      B ut that didn't stop these students from at least hoping that spring might eventually arrive in northern Michigan.

      "F or those of you who are leaving town and those of you who are staying around, we hope that when you come back the snow is gone so we can all mow our lawn ," Cutler said.