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      Stuntman's last wish: bring Hollywood to Bellaire

      Nearly 3,000 items have filled a barn in Bellaire Township, all of which belonged to big time Hollywood stuntman from Northern Michigan.

      Gary Crawford, better known as Johnny Thunder, was a war veteran and Hollywood stuntman from Bellaire who died at the age of 72 on May 22, 2013 from a heart attack. One of his last wishes was that all of his memorabilia from his stunting days be sold, and the money be given to his former caregiver of 18 years.

      "He was just so engraved in the Hollywood and cowboys that you just can't believe it until you walk through and see the stuff that was in his apartment that he saved from Hollywood," said close friend, Wilbur Tuttle. "Some of this stuff goes all the way back to 1968, 70, 69. Back when these movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"

      Johnny was a stunt double in more than 800 movies and television shows, and had accumulated a large collection of Hollywood artifacts over the years. His many weapons, props, costume pieces, and countless autographed pictures from his star co-workers will all be available during an auction.

      "He would make holsters for like Clint Eastwood," said Tuttle. "If you look at the film Josey Wales he made those holsters for him personally. And we have his holsters that he made for his cowboy stuff that he did in movies."

      The auction will take place at Coyote Bill's Ranch, 3820 Stover Road, Bellaire, Mi 49615 on Saturday, August 24th. For more information click here.