Summer is here and so are thunderstorms

Traverse City (pictured here) is one of the spots that may reach 90F Sunday.

Summer is officially here and for at least the next week or so, it will definitely feel like it with warm and humid conditions along with passing thunderstorms at times.

Just about every day starting Friday all the way through next Thursday includes the risk for a few thunderstorms in parts of Northern Michigan. The good news for those with outdoor plans is it will not rain all day or for that matter, in every spot each day, but just be aware of the potential for a storm or two each day.

Temperatures will also be on the rise as warmth builds in the Central Plains and gets transported into the Upper Great Lakes on southwest winds. Highs on Saturday will be in the low/mid-80's but by Sunday, almost all spots will shoot into the 80's with a few 90F readings likely in parts of the Lower Peninsula.

The warm summer warmth will be slow to move out with 80's forecasted much of next week. Humidity will be high so it will feel quite muggy with overnight lows in the 60's to around 70F each night.

There are signs that a cold front may try to sweep in some cooler/drier weather, but that will not get here until late next week.