Sun Tuesday...but wind, too


Tuesday we're expecting sunshine. Much of the day in the Lower Peninsula will be sunny. In the Upper Peninsula...partly sunny with lake effect snow showers...especially near Lake Superior. Even with the will be a cold day. Highs 12 to 20 degrees. And with the wind gusting to 30 mph...look for low wind chills and blowing snow. Visibility will be a problem in open, rural areas as you drive.

Tuesday night...snow showers...wind 10-20 mph. Lows 2 to, some very cold wind chills.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy...and we're looking for snow showers and new snow on the roads. The snow will be not just in lake effect zones...and several inches are possible west of I-75. Wind will be 10-20 mph. Highs 12 to 20 degrees.

Thursday and Friday will be two of the coldest days of the winter so far. Highs will be below zero in many towns. The range of highs will be 5 below to 10 above. A few scattered snow showers are possible.

Saturday...scattered snow showers...highs 0 to 15 degrees.

Sunday...a little warmer. Scattered snow, again...but the highs will climb into the 15 to 25 degree range.

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