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      Sun turns into more snow

      Expect cloud cover to increase throughout Monday as low pressure approaches, and wintry mix/freezing drizzle/wintry mix to start in the Central Lower as we approach lunchtime. By your drive home, snow or wintry mix will be falling all across northern Michigan, and parts of the Central and Northern Lower may have already seen some light accumulation. By late-night Monday we'll have picked up 1-2" almost everywhere.

      Don't rule out freezing drizzle, wintry mix, and snow across northern Michigan overnight into Tuesday-and expect to take it slow for your morning commute.

      Overnight into Tuesday the low pressure system crosses into the Central U.P. Most have picked up around 1-2" overnight, the E. U.P. closer to 2-3". Tuesday morning the snow will become more scattered, and during the day will turn into lake effect. The commute home will be snowy for the E. U.P. and along the Lake Michigan side towards the inland areas.

      By early morning Wednesday many will have received 2-3" towards the Lake Huron side, elsewhere amounts look to be closer to 4-7" with the highest amounts along the Lake Michigan side. Lake effect snows will continue through Wednesday, tapering off as we head into Thursday.

      Looking towards the weekend, highs will be back in the mid 30s, we dry out, and we'll see a little more sunshine.