Sunny, but cold on Thursday

Very cold tonight! Clear sky, low humidity, and very little wind...that's the combo that allows the temperatures to plummet overnight. Everybody in northern Michigan will see a negative temperature at some time thru the night. We're not expecting record lows, but it'll be way below normal which is around 14 degrees ABOVE zero.

Thursday will be beautiful, but cold. Plenty of sunshine! Highs will range from 18 to mostly 20s. Light wind.

Friday will be a little warmer. Highs should climb into the 30s for just about everyone in this part of the state...however, we're expecting clouds and a few scattered light showers. It'll be mostly snow showers, but with highs above freezing, some rain or sleet could fall, too. Light wind.

The weekend will be cold. Afternoon highs will be in the 20s both days, and we'll get some sunshine.