57 / 40
      60 / 50
      70 / 56

      Sunny, dry, 70s...& a few 80s

      Tonight the sky will be clear most of the time. You might see some fog near low lying spots. Overnight low temperatures will fall into the 50s for most of us. In a few places, it could fall into the upper 40s. Light wind.

      Friday will be sunny with a few passing fair weather clouds. Light wind from the east or southeast 5-15 mph. Afternoon highs will stay in the middle to upper 70s for most of northern Michigan, but don??t be surprised if it tops 80 degrees in a few towns.

      Saturday and Sunday?|more sunshine, passing clouds, and light wind. Temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer?|some lots of 70s for highs?|but more 80s will be reported, too.

      Monday and Tuesday?|we have a chance for rain.