Sunny, warm, dry for 2 more days

Clear, mild night. In the early evening, temperatures will fall into the 50s after sunset. After midnight we'll see 40s. Very little wind.

Friday will be another sunny, warm day. High temperatures in the afternoon will climb into the 70s for most backyards. It will stay in the 60s near lakes, and it might reach 80 degrees in a few spots. Light wind from the north.

Saturday...same basic story as Friday. Sunshine, light wind, low humidity, and warm afternoon temperatures.

A couple of reminders...we have an elevated fire danger thru Saturday. Sunny, warm weather is nice, but things are drying out. Also, as tempting as it is since it's so hot...remember that lake water temperatures are in the 40s at best. This is dangerously cold for swimmers.

Sunday we have a change. It'll still be warm, and we'll still get some sunshine...but we also will get some scattered showers and thunderstorms.