Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy

This sunrise taken Monday morning at the marina in Traverse City shows the beatiful weather we will have through midweek.

This recent string of dry and mild days will continue into midweek before things turn sharply colder by next weekend.

We are in the midst across Northern Michigan of the quietest stretch of weather we've had since spring started with above normal temperatures and only a few wispy clouds rolling across the sky.

High pressure slowly passing over the Upper Great Lakes will lead to sunshine Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with no chance for any rain each of these days. Temperatures will warm quickly with nearly full sun into the 70's inland, with 60's along the lakeshore of the Great Lakes.

This will come to an end late week as a very cold airmass now over the Northern Canadian Arctic will drop in late this week with a few rain showers Thursday. The main cold front will plow through to start next weekend with showers and a few thunderstorms likely to kick off next weekend. In the wake of that front, temperatures will drop into the 40's/50's late next weekend into early next week, sharply colder.