Sunshine the next several days

Tonight will be clear, but chilly. After midnight, the temperatures will fall into the 40s. Thatâ??s 10 degrees cooler than a typical mid-July nighttime temperature. Light wind, clear skyâ?¦beautifulâ?¦just a bit cool.

Thursday, Friday, and over the coming weekendâ?¦most of the time the sky will be clear. Lots of sunshine for several days in a row will contribute to climbing temperatures. Highs will be mostly 70sâ?¦but we will see highs into the low 80s in a few places Thursday thru the weekend. Another reason the temperatures will climb will be the wind shift to the south or southwest. Wind speeds will be 5-15 mphâ?¦so light windâ?¦but the direction will bring warmer air into the Great Lakes region.