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      Superintendent addresses parents concerns about bomb threat

      A number of concerned parents are looking for answers about how Charlevoix High School handled a bomb threat last week.

      W e received dozens of emails and phone calls from parents in the school district and we delivered those concerns directly to the Superintendent Bob Gendron.

      A n hour an half after CHS was evacuated, the superintendent posted a message to the schools website explaining the situation.

      B ut some parents that contacted us , were upset that they did not hear from the school sooner.

      N o phone calls were made and many parents learned about the threat through their kids by text messages or Facebook posts.

      "If I had to do something differently, about an hour and half in we posted something on our website telling parents about the operation," Gendron said. "Probably next time I would do that quicker."

      G endron acknowledges that a website post might not satisfy parents , but he did note that changes are on the way.

      H e is working with the Charlevoix County's emergency manager to implement a new alert system for the district.

      "T hat'll be a notification system , so anytime school closings or events like this happen we can contact parents almost immediately via email or text ," Gendron said.

      O ther parents were concerned about students being at the second location unsupervised.

      B ut Gendron says that wasn't the case at all.

      "W e move d the entire staff with them ," Gendron said.

      W hen it comes down to how the situation was handled , S heriff Don Schneider says this was the best case scenario.

      "W hen you have 500 students , in order try to call 500 parents with two secretaries is just impossible ," Sheriff Schneider said. "The important thing is again that you take the children and get them out of school to the safe environment."