Supreme Court rejects Exxon Mobil appeal of $105 million verdict

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Exxon Mobile's appeal of a $105 million judgment against the company for contaminaing New York City's groundwater.

WASHINGTON (AP) â?? The Supreme Court has declined to disturb a $105 million verdict against Exxon Mobil for contaminating New York City's groundwater.

The justices had no comment Monday on their order rejecting Exxon Mobil Corp.'s appeal of the 2009 verdict the city won for the costs of removing a gasoline additive known as MTBE from drinking wells in Queens.

The city argued that the company ignored warnings from its own scientists and engineers not to use the additive in areas that use groundwater for drinking. Exxon Mobil argued that the city's alleged injuries were too speculative and that MTBE was the safest additive to comply with a federal mandate.

The 2nd U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the jury verdict last year.

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