Surfers ride winter waves of Lake Michigan

      S urfers riding waves in December on Lake Michigan.

      I t's enough to make you do a double take.

      S urfers riding waves in December on Lake Michigan.

      " The cold water adds an element of adrenaline," John McNeil, winter surfer said. "It's not the same as a warm water wave, it's almost more exciting."

      Z ach Dorvinen , John McNeil, and Nick Brown have been winter surfing for years.

      T raditionally northern Michigan isn't know to be a popular surfing destination, but these guys say it just depends on the time of year.

      "W e get only one good day of surfing during the summer, but it's almost like every day in the winter," Nick Brown, winter surfer said.

      T he water temperatures in Lake Michigan today was 45 degrees, which is actually much warmer than the chilly 18 degrees on the shore.

      W hile it sounds like these guys would freeze in the water , they had special gear to keep them warm.

      " Our eyelashes can freeze , our feet get cold , but overall I'm probably almost just as warm as you are right now maybe even warmer ," McNeil said.

      W hile this sounds like an unconventional way to have fun , these guys say it's just another way to survive the frigid Michigan winter.

      " You know what , you live in northern Michigan , if you sit at home when there's snow out you might as well move somewhere else you've got to have a hobby in the winter ," Zach Dorvinen, winter surfer said.

      U nfortunately for these surfers , the sport doesn't last all winter long . O nce the lake freezes , surf season is over.