Suspect facing additional charges after attempting to escape from jail

A 20-year-old Traverse City man is facing additional charges after attempting to escape from the Grand Traverse County Jail.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the man, Alexander William Sundling was being booked at the jail when a delivery truck was entering the intake garage to bring food.

Sheriff's deputies report Sundling saw the door to the intake garage being opened and ran towards it, pushing the woman making the delivery out of the way.

The garage doors were both closed, however, leaving the suspect with no place to go.

Corrections officers chased after Sundling. Realizing he had nowhere to go, he turned towards the corrections officer, but resisted their attempts to subdue him. The officers were forced to take him to the ground to control and handcuff him.

"It's something that we deal with daily as far as these types of people, and not that he's a danger to the public because he was just wanting to get out of here - that's all that I think that was on his mind. But once he got out there and realized there was no place to go, he sort of knew he made a mistake here," said Grand Traverse County Lieutenant Dennis Monroe. "Within twenty years this is only the third time one person's gotten away - and then we also got that person by the end of the day. The public's not in any kind of danger whatsoever."

He will face additional charges of attempted escape and resisting and obstructing officers, as well as an assault charge for the delivery woman.

The Sheriff's Office reports Sundling was arrested earlier in the day on a warrant from Antrim County and resisted deputies during that arrest and was tazed.