Suspected meth dump site found in Wexford County

Michigan State Police say that suspected one pot meth lab components were discovered by a man walking his dog near a Haring Township roadway.

Michigan State Police say that possible "one pot" meth lab components were discovered near a Haring Township roadway.

A one pot meth lab involves smaller doses of the chemicals used to make the drug and is mixed inside a single plastic bottle.

According to MSP, a man discovered several suspicious objects while walking his dog. Troopers were able to locate and identify the objects as a possible one pot meth lab after the man provided a description and location.

The Traverse Narcotics Team cleaned up the suspected one pot lab and transferred the hazardous material to a safe location.

MSP is reminding people that as weather conditions improve, more people may be entering the woods and to use caution if you encounter a suspicious item. Police ask that you do not touch or move the item and say to note the location and contact local law enforcement. The components used to make meth are harmful and can produce deadly fumes.

TNT reports meth labs are becoming a large problem and officials are asking the public be on the lookout for dump sites.

Anyone with information pertaining to drug activity should call the tip line at 231-338-0868.