Swans in Traverse City concerning motorists, DNR

Swans gathered just behind Logan's Landing.

Swans and other waterfowl in Traverse City have been searching for water to land in, but with so much ice cover this winter they haven't had any luck, often landing near or on roadways.

The Department of Natural Resources says that it is focused on the water fowl's safety.

"They can't walk on land, they're actually a water bird, so they get stranded cause they don't have water to take off," said Katie Keen, a DNR wildlife technician. "So, what we're suggesting is that if folks come across what appears to be stranded water fowl, to give us a call, also give a licensed rehabilitator a call. We have them throughout Michigan, you can go on our website and look for licensed rehabbers or you can call us, too, and we just need to get those birds to open water."

Keen also says that the two types of swan most commonly found in Michigan are the trumpeter swan and mute swan; the mute swan is more commonly found than the trumpeter swan in the winter. According to the DNR, there were approximately 15,500 mute swans in Michigan in 2010.

The DNR also cautions that swans have aggressive tendencies and should not be approached. Keen urges people who see a stranded waterfowl to contact the DNR or a licensed rehabilitator as soon as possible.

For the DNR's contact information, click here. For a list of Michigan licensed rehabilitators, click here.