Swastika scribbled on Manistee woman's front door

Swastika scribbled on Manistee woman's front door

MANISTEE COUNTY, Mi. (WPBN/WGTU) — Police in Manistee are investigating an act of vandalism that has shocked the community.

It happened Sunday night after a vigil was held in wake of the Charlottesville violence.

Jamie Powers attended the vigil, she says when she came home later that night someone had drawn a Swastika symbol in permanent marker on the door of her home in Manistee.

“We came home Sunday night and we didn’t notice it at first, but when we came back outside we saw it and were kind of shocked,” she said.

Powers has signs in the windows of her home reflecting on her personal views. Some of them read, "minority rights are human rights and “bigotry and hate speech will not be tolerated in this home." She says her right to free speech, especially on her own property does not justify vandalism.

“It’s still hateful its still violence but it wasn’t necessarily aimed toward me I felt like it was more toward my signs and our beliefs, it was discouraging but I was just glad it wasn’t worse,” Powers said.

Earlier Sunday night Powers was at a protest with more than 30 other people on the corner of US-31 and River Street near downtown Manistee.

She says they were protesting the events that occurred over the weekend in Virginia.

“White supremacy being alive and well today is definitely what we were protesting,” Powers explained.
“If you want to voice your opinion in an open forum in a protest or vigil, that’s one thing but to go and vandalize someone’s property or to threaten them, it’s just, you can’t do that,” said Karen Danks, a friend of Powers who was at the vigil Sunday as well.

Monday morning Powers filed a police report with the Manistee Police Department.

Just talk to the people you don’t agree with, maybe not try and understand understand if they are coming from a hateful place but just how to help and how to help other people and how to help people that they don’t agree with,” Powers said.

Powers says she now has security cameras at her home.

Another vigil has been planned and will happen Saturday, Aug. 19 at the same location at 5:00 p.m.

Right now the Manistee police are still investigating the vandalism.

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