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      Swimmer crosses Straits of Mackinac for charity

      Cathy Nagler passes the Mackinac Bridge on her swim.

      A long distance swimmer made a journey across the Straits of Mackinac this morning, all for charity.

      51-year-old C athy Nagler of Northport started in Mackinaw City and ended up in St. Ignace. And she made the 5.8 mile trip in just under three hours

      Na gler started around five o'clock this morning and completed her swim in 2 hours and 35 minutes.

      S he says for the most part , the trip was flawless . However, she had to slow down for a large ship passing by.

      O ther than that , she prepared for all other obstacles . S he wore a wet suit to keep her warm in the cold Lake Michigan waters and had a sail boat and kayak following her the whole time.

      H er motivation for the trip was a lifetime health condition , type one diabetes , that she has struggled with since childhood.

      S he wanted to show her two daughters , that despite some obstacles in life, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

      "I 've always wanted to get to the other side ," Nagler said. " I've described this as I was born to do this , I really was . So I guess now I am going to decide if I am going to complete the next four Great Lakes. "

      N agler 's swim helped raise money for the Mayo Clinic and the Black Sheep Crossing animal sanctuary in Northport.