"Take care of my guys." Parents build their soldier's legacy

Veterans from the War on Terror now have an "Up North" get-away, free to stay, and no strings attached.

The retreat in Presque Isle County became a reality after the parents of a soldier wanted their son's legacy to live on.

"Right before he left for Iraq, he said, look, this is going to be bad, I may not come back, if I don't, take care of my dog, and take care of my guys," remembers Terry Blumberg, Trevorâ??s dad.

And that's the last thing Jan and Terry Blumberg's son Trevor said before the soldier deployed overseas to Iraq to fight in the War on Terror. On September 14th, 2003, an IED explosion made his parents worst fear a reality.

â??When we looked at everything, we sat down and we prayed and meditated, and said, this is something I think he would have wanted us to do," says Terry.

It's called Blum's Landing. Itâ??s located on Orchard Lake in Presque Isle County. More than eight hard years of work went into it and now, the beautiful home is open for Blum's guys. Trevorâ??s dog Scrappy, who likes to talk, stands guard.

â??Well, we hope it's home to them, that they feel safe and comfortable, and can just rest a while," says Trevorâ??s mom Jan.

The Blumbergâ??s say it's for veterans who have fought for freedom all while acting as a shrine to remember Trevor, like promised in an American flag his platoon signed and gave to his parents that is hung proudly on the wall. Itâ??s Trevorâ??s place.

â??At the same time, I want them to know there's a guy out there that supported them and loved them," says Jan.

The Blumbergâ??s are now ready to open their doors for any military member who served in the War on Terror. If you know somebody who's deserving to come up here to this getaway, or if you're watching this, and would like to help out the cause by contributing, you can contact the family.

You can donate online by visiting

You can also contact Terry Blumberg at (734)812-1500.

The non-profit is a 501 C-3. The tax ID for Blum's Landing is # 26-2363640.

The Blumbergâ??s are looking for donations, but also for a pontoon boat that can be made handicap accessible and discount coupons to local restaurants or landmarks for the men and women who stay at Blumâ??s Landing.