TCAPS hires third party firm to investigate claims of harassment, intimidation

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TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) -- The TCAPS Board of Trustees voted Monday to launch an investigation into claims of harassment and intimidation.

The Traverse City Administrators Association, which is the bargaining agency for the district's principals, filed a complaint with the school board about their concerns of harassment and intimidation by the executive team onto the administration team.

The association says their complaint was sparked by the recent suspension of two West Senior High administrators, but there are many other concerns as well.

“Trust without doubt, initiative without intimidation, and innovation without fear of failure; this is what we expect from our superintendent and our executive team because our building leaders expect the same for ourselves and our teachers and our students,” said Ryan Schrock who was speaking on behalf of TCAA.

“I believe that we can get to the bottom of rumors and truth and as a group go forward and be stronger,” said TCAPS Trustee Sue Kelly.

TCAPS is hiring a third party law firm to complete the investigation, and voted that the cost should not exceed 20 thousand dollars.

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