TCAPS holds warehouse sale to raise money

TCAPS held their second sale in their maintenance warehouse Friday, where they store the items from schools that closed, or items that are no longer needed in schools.

TCAPS is raising money for its schools by selling old furniture and equipment.

They held their second sale open to the public in their maintenance warehouse Friday, where they sold items from schools that closed or are no longer needed in schools.

The warehouse was filled with hundreds of items including kitchen equipment, office supplies, yard tools and more.

TCAPS is hopeful the warehouse sales will be successful. Theyâ??ve held auctions with similar items in the past, but believe this will bring in more revenue since they don't have to pay an auctioneer.

â??We decided to have one space, we would call it our obsolete equipment space and were just going to open it once a month for the general public,â?? said TCAPS Purchasing Director Ken Oâ??Brien. â??We're just going to have tags on it, and they can come purchase it.â??

TCAPS raised more than two thousand dollars from the sale they held in June. They will continue to hold these sales in August, September and October, on the last Friday of each month.