TCAPS superintendent reacts to teacher's sex charges

In the wake of the arrest and arraignment of a TCAPS teacher and coach, school superintendent Steve Cousins is speaking out. Cousins says he is shell-shocked by the charges filed against his former language of the arts teacher, Lisa Placek.

The Traverse City West Senior High School teacher is alleged to have had illegal sexual contact with a student. Placek was arraigned on charges including CSC first degree in Leelanau County this afternoon.

Cousins sent a letter to all TCAPS parents, offering his deepest sympathy for the victim, saying his prayers are him and his family.

Cousins stressed that he has one objective in the midst of these events, "I think setting the ship right so our kids and our staff feel that since of trust is rebuilt and for parents that they no we're 100% committed to keeping their kids safe and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe."

Since the allegations came about last week, TCAPS immediately removed Placek from the classroom and placed her on leave. She was terminated from the TCAPS district on January 24th.