Teen rescued after being stranded on giant ice floe

A Chippewa County teen was rescued by the Coast Guard after being stranded on a giant ice floe.

A Chippewa County teen was rescued after being stranded on a giant ice floe.

Sunday afternoon, the U.S. Coast Guard was called to George Kemp Marina in Sault Ste. Marie where the 14-year-old boy was stuck on a huge block of ice 20 feet off of the shoreline.

When the USCG arrived the boy was sitting on the 8 foot ice floe in a t-shirt and shorts. The water temperature in the area was only 34 degrees. Had he fallen in the water, the Coast Guard says the boy would have been hypothermic within minutes.

The rescue boat approached the floe and slowly extended a boat hook to the boy so he could get onto the vessel.

After the rescue, the teen was transferred to War Memorial Hospital, where he was released once his guardian arrived.

This time of the year, the USCG warns that although ice has melted from the waterways and air temperatures may be milder, water temperatures are still extremely cold and can cause hypothermia and death within a matter of minutes.

Recreational water users are advised to dress for the water temperature and not the air, and to consider these factors before venturing out onto the water.