Temperatures to drop quickly New Years Eve night

If you have plans anywhere across Northern Michigan New Years Eve night, it will be a chilly one. While temperatures Monday afternoon will stick close to that 30F degree mark, a cold front will sweep across the northwoods of Michigan Monday afternoon leading to a flare-up of lake effect snow showers with temperatures quickly falling Monday evening around sunset.

From the snow standpoint, it will not be widespread nor very heavy, but a few locations downwind of Lakes Superior/Michigan could see an inch or two of accumulation by Monday night.

Temperatures by midnight and the entrance into 2013 will drop into the teens with wind chills in the single digits if not even a little colder. Point being, if you will be out celebrating, be aware that temperatures will fall quickly Monday night so be prepared.

Snow showers will dwindle down New Years Day with highs Tuesday in the low-20's.