Temperatures warm slightly this weekend

Highs on Saturday and Sunday will be in the 30's. A few towns could see 40's.

The weekend will be slightly warmer.

This past week's daytime highs have been mostly 20's around Northern Michigan. Both Saturday and Sunday look for highs in the 30's, and it could reach 40 degrees in a few towns.

We will also get some snow showers thanks to a fast-moving low pressure system, but they should be light and scattered.

On Saturday, an inch of two of new snow is possible, especially in the northnmost counties - the E. U.P. and the tip of the mitt. There will be some flurries on Sunday, but most of us won't see any snow at all. Close to the lakes it may be more of a wintry mix.

Wind will be light 5-15 mph from the south on Saturday and from the north or northeast on Sunday.

One exception to the wind forecast. Along the shore of Lake Michigan on Saturday and along the shore of Lake Huron on Sunday, you will feel some higher gusts.

Don't look for a lot of sunshine, but there will be breaks in the clouds above.