Thieves steal holy tabernacle from Isabella County church

State Police say thieves broke into the St. Charles Church in Leaton and stole the tabernacle, like this one, which holds the communion wafers.

Police are looking for thieves who they say stole a holy tabernacle from a church in Isabella County.

According to Michigan State Police, the theft happened sometime between Wednesday and Friday of last week at the St. Charles church in Leaton, Michigan.

Police say the tabernacle houses the communion wafers - or the "Body of Christ" - and is considered very holy.

There were no signs of forced entry, but police say the item is very heavy and likely took "a couple of people" to get it out of the building.

This is the second incident this week involving break-ins at churches. Sheriff officials in Clare County warned of a break-in at the Kingdom Hall in Clare Tuesday. Officials say it appeared the suspects in that break-in were looking for cash and valuables.