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      Three-year-old safe after getting lost in woods for three hours

      It's a nightmare for any parent when a child goes missing, and when they're lost in the woods in ten degree weather it's a race against time.

      That was the case for a three-year-old girl and her family in Charlevoix County Sunday night.

      It was three hours of heavy hearts and uncertainty for the family of Emmory Jewell. Nearly 30 people came to the home to search for Emmory after the family called 911.

      â??I really appreciate how quicklyâ?| everybody showed up and they were all down to business and it made me feel a lot better, because it felt like a lot of things were out of my control at that point. When they got there it was a lot easier for me to be able to breathe to know that they knew what they were doing,â?? said Emmoryâ??s mother Danielle Vallad.

      In the meantime, family members quickly chased after Emmory when they realized she ran off into the woods with her two dogs, Simba and Molly. Unlike Emmory who was dressed in full winter gear, searchers were slowed down because they fell through the snow and ice pack, coming up as high as their waists. After nearly three hours in the woods and about 1/3 mile from home, Emmory was found.

      â??When I found her I started crying because just the whole timeâ?| all the worst possibilities are going through your head the whole time.â??

      â??When they did find her and brought her out she was very, very cold. They put her in the ambulance warmed her up but that's all it took and they were able to take her home,â?? said Charlevoix County Sheriff W.D. Schneider.

      â??Thank you everybody. Thanks for saving me,â?? said Emmory.

      â??Don't give up and call 911, because that was a huge stress reliever for me... that I knew that someone's going to be on the other end of it that could help,â?? said Vallad.