Thrift store finds second way to give back to struggling families

Area thrift store gets extraordinary donations from the surrounding communities and passes along the treasures to those in need at a deep discount. 

Follow Kris Noble as she makes her way through Samaritan's Closet, and the thrift store manager is quick to point out the place is full of treasures at rock-bottom prices. "I am not kidding," explains Kris, "clothing-wise could be Armani or Ralph Lauren, you name it, high end appliances, yes everything is on the high end." The items marked for sale are all donated by members of the surrounding Leelanau County communities. They are dropped off on a daily basis. They are neighbors helping neighbors who might be struggling with making ends meet.

"It could be anything. It could be new furniture because they don't have anything, a single mother might need new beds for her children, someone might need help financially, so we do it all" says Kris. Like most thrift stores, Samaritan's Closet accepts donations and then sells them at a deep discount so that those in need can pick up items for far cheaper than at a traditional store. What makes this shop different though is that their giving back doesn't end there. Most of the workers at the shop are volunteers, so the profits from the sales can go back to the community as well. Kris says "every year we donate between $24,000 and $50,000 to struggling families."

Every day, new items are being dropped off, which means every day, some items that are taking up store shelf need to go. While treasures are often scooped up at a bargain price, those that don't go home with customers don't go to waste. Each week the shop goes through their inventory and donates a trailer full of stuff to send to other thrift stores to help them out. They know someone out there is in need and the volunteers are just working to make each day a little brighter and a little easier for those struggling.

To learn more about donating, volunteering or applying for assistance from Samaritan's Closet click here.

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