Tiny treats that make your pet tip the scales

Dr. Jen Klabunde demonstrates how unhealthy some small "human" snacks are for our pets.

In this week's edition of Pet Talk, Dr. Jen Klabunde from Northwood Animal Hospital talks with 7&4's Brody O'Connell and Megan Moore about obesity in pets.

Dr. Klabunde said that 55% of pets are overweight and this leads to decreased life expectancy, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

Dr. Klabunde said giving your dog a hot dog is the equivalent of a human eating three cheeseburgers.

She also said giving your cat an ounce of cheese is the equivalent of a human eating three and a half cheeseburgers or four Hershey's chocolate bars.

To see the complete interview from 7&4 News Today, click on the video link above.

For a direct link to Northwood Animal Hospital

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