Tires and rims stolen from cars at Petoskey dealership


he tires and rims were stripped completely off of
five Ford Edges at Brown Motors in Petoskey. Local authorities are looking at this case and saying this looks awfully similar to others popping up around the state.


It's obvious whoever is doing this is very well experienced and trained in what they are doing


because they
just jacked the cars up high enough to get tires and wheels off quickly and efficiently," Brown Motors Owner Steve Brown said.


Brown says the cars were sat up on a stack of bricks, the tires stolen, then taken away in one of his vans. This crime sounds very familiar to other Ford dealers in Cadillac and Gaylord who had the same thing happen to them last month. Police are linking these cases to others downstate.


Down in Saginaw


where dealer


s have been targeted and the same type of thing has happened. Tires and wheels are removed and in some of the cases a
U-Haul van was used," Emmet County Sheriff Pete Wallin said.


his is the second time since
August that Brown Motors has dealt with thefts. In august, GPS systems and radios were taken from some of the cars in their lot. With authorities no closer to solving the case, Brown Motors is taking it's own action.


e will have to change what we do security wise which is unfortunate because you hate to see society coming to that

," Brown said.