Tires, rims, and van stolen at Fox Motors Cadillac

The Wexford County Sheriff's Office received a call at approximately 8:00am from Fox Motors Cadillac on North Mitchell Street.

Sometime during the overnight hours, the tires and rims were removed from seven vehicles in the dealership parking lot. The front and back wheels were removed from the vehicles-including a Taurus, Lincoln, Focus, and Explorers- and they were propped up on blocks.

The rims from the Lincoln alone are valued at over three thousand dollars.

A white cargo van was also stolen from the parking lot, and later recovered in the Detroit area. The Detroit Police Department impounded the vehicle and the Auto Theft Recovery Division will examine the van for fingerprints and other evidence.

Sergeant Rood, one of the responding officers to the scene, said the community should not be concerned for their safety. He stated, "It didn't appear to be anything violent - there was no damage to the cars (other than the vehicles were missing their wheels). As for concern, no - since the stolen vehicle was found in Detroit, the assumption is that they're not around here anymore, at least not now."

No suspects have been identified at this time, but when they are apprehended the prosecuter's office will decide to charge the subject, or subjects, with misdemeanor to felony charges for the stolen vehicle and larceny crime.