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      Torch Lake 4th of July fireworks cancelled this year

      The 4th of July fireworks at Torch Lake have been cancelled this year after rules preventing them from storing fireworks overnight made the show impossible.Fabiano's on the River posted a message on their Facebook page reading "The Business Association that handles the fireworks at Torch Lake on the 4th of July have announced that there will be NO fireworks this year. The Association no longer complys (sic) with the more restrictive ATF and Homeland Security rules. The Association is working to become compliant but due to government red tape cannot comply in time for 2014."â??Fourth of July is an exciting time, I think a lot of people look forward to the fireworks. So I think it'll just put a damper on the spirits, maybe later at night when people are expecting to hear the big booms and colorful lights,â?? Henry Ringlever, manager of Alden Marine & Sports, said.John Peal, a member of the South Torch Area Association, said the rules the post is referring to says shells and fireworks have to be transported the day the will be set off. They cannot be transported ahead of time and left overnight, which is what needs to happen in the case of Torch Lake's show.Peal said this is not a new rule, but is a rule that has not been strictly enforced in the past. After the Boston Marathon bombings, the rules were tightened for homeland security reasons.Store managers donâ??t expect this to cause a decrease in visitors.

      â??I don't think the fireworks are going to turn people away it's just kind of the cherry on top at the end of the night.â??

      Ringlever says all of their kayak and paddle boat rentals were booked two weeks before 4th of July last year, and expect the same for this year.

      â??As long as the weather is nice it won't be an issue.â??Officials are still working to be compliant, but they said there is likely not enough time, meaning the fireworks will be cancelled this year. They are hopeful the fireworks will be back on next summer.