Travelers trade snow for spring break sun

There was a steady flow of traffic in Cherry Capital Airport Friday as people left Traverse City for cruises and tropical locations.

Spring breakers are flocking to the airport to head to sunnier skies.

The kids are out of school and many families are trading northern Michigan's cold for warm vacations.

There was a steady flow of traffic in Cherry Capital Airport Friday as people left Traverse City for cruises and tropical locations.

Some people, however, donâ??t mind the cold.

â??I've never really decided to go out,â?? said Nicole Mackowiak of Traverse City. â??You get so many different weather conditions here, why settle for anything else?â??

The people not settling for anything less than hot this spring break are not alone. The flights heading out of the airport are packed.

â??Spring break, every year: same thing,â?? said Dan Sal from Cherry Capital Airport. â??All the planes are booked, they're all full. All the seats are full and I'm sure they're oversold. They want to get away from the cold for a bit.â??

â??I definitely wish Florida were closer, I'd go to Florida,â?? said Mackowiak.

There are plenty of options for people staying close to home. Local hotels and resorts throw together packages to keep people in town.

â??We've got a couple packages that have really helped to keep people around,â?? said Colin Walsh, General Manager of West Bay Beach Resort. â??We've found that Traverse City is such a great place year-round that a lot of families stay around and look forward to the opportunity to use the indoor pool, and eat a in a good restaurant. Have a stay and play vacation.â??

Walsh says there are still rooms available.

The same goes for the Great Wolf Lodge. The general manager said they still have a few rooms available for next week, but for the most part they're booked.

People who stick around during the school holiday donâ??t typically plan in advance to visit a hotel.

â??I think it's more of a 'hey let's get away, let's do something, certainly from the local traveler. From the regional standpoint, it's a week or two out,â?? explained Walsh.

Already, parents and kids are checking out what Traverse City has to offer during the time off.

â??Watching a lot of movies at the State Theatre, hanging out around town, getting ready for summer,â?? said Mackowiak.

Joy Richter is heading down to Iowa while on spring break.

â??I usually go down and see my friends and try to get all my work done for school,â?? said Richter.

The Grand Traverse Academy student said spring break is bittersweet.

â??I'll still be cooped up inside working on homework, but I'll be excited for summer, I suppose,â?? explained Richter.