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      Traverse City water projects hailed as example for state

      The filtration system at Bryant Park and the restoration of Kidâ??s Creek brought Michigan's Director of the Department of Environmental Quality, Dan Wyant, to Traverse City, Friday.

      The DEQ gave a $4.2 million grant to the Grand Traverse Watershed Center for the projects.

      Wyant said Travese Cityâ??s effort and devotion to clean water is an example to show the rest of the state. â??They've got some of the best examples of taking contaminated sites, cleaning them up and turning them into economic development opportunities,â?? said Wyant.

      The Grand Traverse Watershed Center Project Director Sarah Uâ??Ren said that the Watershed Center will focus on the getting Kidâ??s Creek off the stateâ??s Impaired Waters List by reducing the amount of runoff making its way to the creek.

      The Kidâ??s Creek Restoration project has received $1.2 million in DEQ grants.

      Uâ??Ren said she is thankful for help her center has received from Munson Medical and wants to make sure everyone who lives near the water pitches in to keep Michigan clean.

      â??Realize where your storm water is going, do things on your property that can reduce storm water impacts to the bay, and also a really great thing is to support organizations that are helping to protect water quality,â?? said Uâ??ren.