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      Tree service employees arrested for breaking into homes of customers

      Four people with connections to a tree service have been arrested and charged after deputies said they broke into homes they had they had serviced.

      The investigation started after deputies in Roscommon County responded to a home in Markey Township of an elderly couple who found two people in their detached garage. The homeowners confronted the intruders, a man and a woman. They later found out their home had been broken into and money, a laptop computer and prescription drugs were taken.

      The investigation later revealed four people, two men , Thomas Fisher and Kevin Perry, and two women, Sara Dunckley and Patricia Spurlin, to be responsible. They were arrested and charged and later confessed to the incident.

      According to the Roscommon County Sheriff, the victims had been prior customers of the tree service, which was owned by one of the suspects.

      During the investigation, deputies learned of a similar incident in Crawford County with another former customer of the service.

      The Sheriff's Department said the suspects have been soliciting business in the Roscommon and Crawford county areas and appear to have victimized other former customers.

      If you have been approached by or been contacted by 2 Monkeys Tree Service and later found items missing or stolen from your home, please contact the Roscommon County Sheriff at 989-275-5101 or the Crawford County Sheriff at 989-348-6341.