''Triple H'' is in the mitten!

''Triple H'' is in Michigan - no, not the wrestler, but Heat, Humidity, and Haze!

We've had well above normal temperatures across the region lately. High temps should be in the low-mid 70s, and lows in the low-mid 50s. However, we're getting up into the 80s and low 90s!

The first few days of the workweek we're hanging on to all of the hot weather. But with a couple of passing systems, we'll also have scattered showers and thunderstorms move through.

Although it may put a damper on your pool plans, we need the rain. Lack of rainfall this month has made our sandy soils extremely dry, and that combined with heat and gusty winds has put northern Michigan in high fire danger lately. Most areas need one to two inches of rainfall to catch up for this month, and there is the chance of receiving a quarter to half an inch Monday in passing storms.

Keep your umbrella handy Monday and Tuesday, and keep an eye on storms that develop. As of now, we don't look to have anything severe, but some of the storms may be strong - frequent lightning, periods of heavy rain, gusty winds, and small hail. We'll still have periods of sunshine those days, but expect some hazy and humid outdoor conditions.

Mid-week we begin to see a bit of a cool down - expect highs closer to 80 degrees and lots of blue skies as high pressure moves into the Great Lakes.