Troopers educating drivers choosing the fast lane

Michigan State Police are keeping an eye on drivers in the left lane, and some Troopers are choosing to pull over those vehicles.

People who drive under the speed limit in the left lane is not an uncommon sight. Michigan State Police wants to keep traffic flowing safely, and in most cases that means moving over to the right.

Troopers say writing tickets is not their priority. Theyâ??re focusing on educating drivers about laws while driving in the left hand lane.

â??I too can get quite frustrated with seeing somebody in the left hand lane when the left hand lane is actually for passing another vehicle,â?? said Michigan State Police Trooper Rich Hall.

State Police are keeping an eye on drivers in the left lane, and some Troopers are choosing to pull over those vehicles.

â??It was nighttime and so I just figured no one is out right now. I can just go in the left lane to keep a pace. I was just trying to stay on cruise and I actually played the naïve card when I got pulled over, and I actually didn't get a ticket for it because I really didn't know,â?? said Alysia Labonte from Traverse City.

Michigan law says all drivers are supposed to stay in the far right hand lane, unless theyâ??re passing another car or about to make a left turn.

â??As a police officer weâ?¦ observe each incident whether they're speeding or going under the speed limit on each individual basis,â?? said Trooper Hall.

The law also says if enough cars are on the road and all lanes are being used, you can drive in the left lane.

â??If we pull somebody over and try to educate them what the law is and they seem a tad combative or not understanding sometimes the best way somebody can understand is if they do go through the court process.â??

Michigan State Police say this is all about safety, and that is why they want their message to be heard. Troopers say staying out of the left lane is also helpful for emergency responders.

â??I would just recommend stay safe. Stay on the right side unless you're passing because you can be pulled over for it,â?? said Labonte.

â??It may slow your day down a half a second but there's always someone's life in your hands so just be careful,â?? said Trooper Hall.

Troopers say to not take matters into your own hands if someone is driving slowly in the left lane. They say it can lead to road rage, something Troopers want to avoid on the road.